Технология Производства Решетчатых Настилов

Divers’ tower TODI

In 2016, Europe's largest indoor diving centre was opened on the old mine site in Beringen. A unique concept, whereby old coal basins had been converted into a wonderful underwater world. Staco manufactured the grids and steps as well as the floors around the basins.

In Beringen, in the Province of Limburg, a unique project has been realised last year, involving 2 old coal basins, which were converted into the largest indoor diving centre in Europe.

The unique diving concept comprises an indoor, heated diving basin with a diameter of 36 metres, a depth of 10 metres, and containing 6,200,000 litres of water. The fauna is magnificent: some 1,500 colourful, tropical fresh-water fish populate the basin. As assigned by Hercon NV in Houthalen-Helchteren, different variations of gratings have been manufactured by Staco.

The exterior wall of the building was provided with over 300 m² balustrade gratings, version RR 30-2, with a mesh width of 66 x 33. These hot-galvanised gratings were reinforced by means of an extra thick edge of 30 x 5 mm and welded-in plates for mounting purposes. For the 2 large spiral staircases, 128 steps were manufactured, version AP3-50 MAW.

The spiral staircases were cladded as well: with RR 30-2, mesh width 66 x 33. In this case, the 185 m² of gratings were rolled. Surrounding the large basins, 264 m² of walkway gratings, type RR 30-3, mesh width 66 x 33, were installed. These segment gratings were provided all around with the same balustrade gratings as the exterior of the building.

In short, it was a unique project with many facets, in which multiple forms and applications of gratings have been used.  

Staco products used

Staco pressed gratings type RR
Staco perfo planks type AP                      

Technical information

Staco pressed gratings type RR 2-30, mesh size 66,66x33,33 mm, hot dip galvanised
Staco perfo gratings type AP 3-50 MAW, hot dip galvanised


Beringen, BE


Fencing & partitioning

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